VA – Dreamshadow

Embark upon a harrowing journey into the forests of night with Dreamshadow, a mesmerizing exploration of the darker side of psychedelic trance. Compiled by DJ Basilisk for the Ektoplazm netlabel, this release features darkpsy, edgy full-on, and forest music from familiar names like DoHm, Septagram, Tsabeat, Clone, Oxya, Wizack Twizack, and Progress, as well as newcomers Cream Corp (AKA Luminexia), Rigel, and Mutalisk (a NASA side project). Together these artists weave an enchanting tale drawn from fragments of dreams and perplexing impressions of fantastic lands that never were.

Track Listing

01 :: Septagram – Omerta
02 :: Progress – Trails
03 :: Tsabeat – New Technologies
04 :: Cream Corp – Tesseract
05 :: Mutalisk – Chicks With Glowsticks
06 :: DoHm – No More Autumn
07 :: Clone – Invasion
08 :: Rigel – Dodecahedron
09 :: Oxya – Mindhunter
10 :: Wizack Twizack – Welcome To Knutby (The Return)

Mastered by

Kri at Audio Valve

Artwork by

Zen at Digitalys Studios

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