VA – Entheos Audio Archive 3.0

Compiled by Basilisk and Akhentek, Entheos Audio Archive 3.0 showcases a dazzling array of psychedelic trance and downtempo music reflecting the spirit of the Entheos Summer Solstice Conference and Festival, an annual gathering of the Pacific Northwest tribal dance community. The story begins with powerful full-on psytrance but quickly drops into deep dubby soundscapes and hazy broken beats before cruising to a shimmering finale. Although heavily stacked with Canadian content, this compilation also includes a pair of offerings from our American kin as well as a special guest appearance by Norwegian producer Phobosphere.

Track Listing

01 :: Akhentek – Infinitron Class Flagship
02 :: Nexus7 – Aarzach
03 :: Clone – Token Toker
04 :: Osiris Indriya – LouZ
05 :: Phobosphere – Serious Vacation
06 :: Neto – Cepheid Variable
07 :: Progress – Rain Road
08 :: Psyentifica – Entheogenic
09 :: Ekoplex – Forest Shaman
10 :: Pharoelidae – Transposition Burst

Mastered by

Akhentek at Ilum Studios

Artwork by

Onbeyond Metamedia

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